Ridezza Quality

Elite Biker Apparel

Whether you like sportbikes, motocross or vintage bikes, our team’s mission is to create high-quality products that will help you turn all your rides into unforgettable experiences. We only use the best material available to make Ridezza’s products the most durable on the market. We have an high level production for any of our stuff.

Biker Made Illustrations

All the products on Ridezza website are designed by bikers like you, with the same feelings and a lot of good histories. Definitely products made by a biker have great advantage over anyone else. That’s the reason we use the quote: “From a biker to a biker. We are Ridezza Club”

Hand Made Products

Each of our products have a different history. Why? Because we don’t like mass production, we made every product with love, precision and caution. Bikers are demanding, like us. You will receive a custom high quality product and we’re sure you’ll take care of it as you do with your bike!

About Ridezza

Ridezza was founded in 2015 aiming the elite quality products any biker deserves. The name idea came from the italian word ridezza, which illustrates stiffness and precision. Those words are well fitted in any biker who shares the motorcyclism passion.

Bikers have great histories and strong thoughts, looking into that we started creating products inspired in precision, speed and quality.