Motorcycles are amazing and we as bikers never buy them just so we can errand or crawl through the neighbourhood. We buy them because we love the adrenaline. It fuels us, it pushes us to do crazy things and we live for the sound that the bike makes when we hit the throttle. It is the passion that we have. It is not uncommon to see a biker take out his or her bike to a restaurant on Valentine’s day.

It is objectively funny and we are the only ones that can do it without looking too weird. The best way to have fun on a bike is to look good while doing it. That is why we have motorcycle apparel like jackets that people who don’t even have bikes wear because they look cool. Sometimes you just want to do a slow smooth ride wearing your helmet and a motorcycle t-shirt. You could go with a plain t-shirt or something irrelevant.

But, wouldn’t you rather go out with a motorcycle t-shirt that screams out what your passion is? Wouldn’t you rather wear a t-shirt that is as cool as you are? Well, if that is what you want, then we have a list here for you that has some cool motorcycle t-shirts we think every biker should wear. They are custom made just to make sure that we get the message right. You are a biker, dress like one.

Gear Shift 1N23456 T-Shirt

This biker t-shirt is so cool. Only a biker who has ridden before would understand and the t-shirt makes the unequivocally clear. There is a graphic on it that reads; ‘you wouldn’t understand.’ This graphic is like a preamble of what the whole design means. The rest of it is in the design of; 6, FIVE, FOUR, THREE TWO, N and ONE. Obviously, those are the gears of a bike. The whole t-shirt is designed in a way that will stand out when you are wearing it. It represents the progression of speed and what we live for as bikers. This is a fine piece to add to the collection you can be proud of. Shifting gears is a response between biker and bike. You shift, the machine responds. It vibrates under you as you go from one gear to another. That is the feeling of ultimate control.

Biker’s Heartbeat T-Shirt

You do know that feeling you get when you meet those hairpin turns and your heart beats faster and faster the more daring you get, right? They thrill, they titillate and they send impulses to every fiber of our muscles. The nerves get hot and stand on edge. The focus becomes enhanced and underneath the helmet, a smile splits the face. A biker’s heartbeat is one of those things you would never experience on anything, other than a powerful bike. The biker t-shirt is a representation of this pulse. It has a bike right in between the beats of the heart. They are not regular, as you very well know. The beats fluctuate and the pulse rhythm hits hard and fast. This icon of motorcycle apparel truly is a biker’s heartbeat and right in there, in our heartbeat, is the bike that we love. Seriously, you need to get this motorcycle t-shirt.

The Biker Wave T-Shirt

The two fingers bikers wave is one of those traditions that has several meanings. It could mean ‘peace on the road’ but there is the more to this sign than most people realize. It started when William Harley and Arthur Davidson of the Harley-Davidson company y would wave at each other with two fingers when riding. This was adopted into biker culture. When it comes to how you do it, it is supposed to be low-key. You do not wave like a military man in a parade, it is cursory almost. Case in point, if you are riding on a bike without handlebar dampers for stability that can allow you to take one hand off the handlebar to wave, a biker t-shirt like this will come in handy because if you pass us by the road, we know you are acknowledging us and that is the inclusivity we live for.

Biker Evolution T-Shirt

Graphics of the evolution chart as seen in textbooks have been used to spoof almost anything that is seen as a progressive version of anything. Do you know what is so human right now while seeming so far removed from our early ancestors? Superbikes, that’s what. They are insanely fast, so connected to our DNA and a sign of man’s achievement in the art of having fun. Our ancestors probably had adrenaline rushing through them when they got chased by saber-toothed cats but we do it so much better. We have come so far and the graphic on this shirt starts from the very first ancestor in that progression and where homo-sapiens are supposed to be, we have the bike. It is the perfect symbol of who we are at the moment. Scribbled all over it in a purposeful way, you will find formulas like E=mc2.

Bike Therapy Overdose T-Shirt

Addiction to bikes is a real thing. If you had unlimited fuel and resources, you would probably never stop biking. Many are the times that we dream of biking out into the world and going far away. These dreams are rooted in the fact that we are so taken in by the machines we love that it becomes impossible not to dream about all the things we would like to do as bikers. This t-shirt is an expression of that love we have for our bikes that make us crazy if they dent or ‘get sick’. We all need bike therapy to get through all of it and what better way to say that than this t-shirt.

Totally Justified

You can get as many as you need. 100% spun cotton, cover stitched and hemmed sleeves, side seamed and shoulder to shoulder taping; there is no better way to wear it than this. Join the club and rock a t-shirt that screams out your identity.

Wear it as good as you ride it but always remember that as much as you may want to look cool, safety is a must so, always be in protective gear.