Motorcycle Leggings

The adrenaline rush is not just reserved for the men. There are plenty of women who love and ride bikes. There are those who love bikes but haven’t learned how to ride them yet, but they can enjoy the pillion. The motorcycle apparel code states that; ‘thou shalt look cool while riding the two-wheeled wonder that is a motorcycle.’ Well, there is no such rule but there might as well be. You could be wearing rags and still look good in a motorcycle.

Female riders and biking enthusiasts have their own way of dressing that is meant to appeal, provoke and provide an edgy feel to the experience. We have all done crazy things with women on bikes. Female riders are feisty and their nature is amazing as it gets. For that reason, fashion has developed in the world of female riders, to enable them to look even cooler while they are out for a random ride.

Motorcycle leggings are made out of stretching microfiber yarn that is meant to retain the elasticity as it is from the day you buy them. This means that you get to wear them for a long time without having to replace them constantly.

Motorcycle leggings have some of those designs that makes a guy wish he was a woman for like a second, just so he can sport them. Yes, they are that amazing. The graphics and the design are as colorful as it gets.

Here are 5, you will want to consider if you are looking for biker leggings to wear for your riding functions.

1. Gear Shift (1 N 2 3 4 5 6) Leggings

Gear Shift (1 N 2 3 4 5 6) Leggings

You have probably seen this on some of our t-shirts and hoodies. The gear shift graphic is designed to show the one thing that we all know as bikers. Right down the side of the leggings, you will see this; 6 5 4 3 2 N 1. That is right, it is the procession of the gears and how you shift from one to the next. They are hot and that is saying something. Plain leggings with nothing on them are hot, these ones are even hotter. They have all the things that you will find appealing. The 6 is written in red and the N is written in green. They can be worn with pride because of how much they represent the biker culture. Right on one cheek (yes, the butt cheek), they have included a biker’s wave sign. All you have to do is lift yourself off the bike and flash whoever is behind you with the salute.

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2. Race Hard Motorcycle Leggings

Race Hard Motorcycle Leggings

They are tough, they project a racer’s attitude and they have a cool white and black design that is meant to stand out from the very colorful crowd. These biker leggings speak volumes. They are the ultimate way of identifying yourself as an ardent biker with the thirst for speed that we all have. The design includes the direction indicators, like you, would find in a track, that runs down the side, join the ‘RACE Hard’ part of the leggings and then fade out to a pitch black and then white, mixed with slightly black, almost grey spots. It is like camouflage this way. The colors allow you to match it with almost any color bike you may have but especially with white, grey and black bikes. The design at the back is evenly arranged in spots of black on a white background that loses its whiteness as you go up the waist.

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3. The Biker’s Heartbeat Leggings

The Biker’s Heartbeat Leggings

If you have been in a bike, even just as a passenger, chances are that you felt the thrill of the ride and what it means to be on a powerful machine that seems to glide and growl as the road whooshes right past you under your feet. Obviously, when you run adrenaline into the bloodstream, the heart shifts the beat it plays into a faster and more exciting pace. That is the biker’s heartbeat. You will never see someone on a bike with a less than maniacal look on their face. These motorcycle leggings have the heartbeat sign drawn right down the side. They have a bike right in the middle of the pulse. There is also a pulse sign, right where the boots would reach if you wore them with these leggings.

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4. 299 KM/H Leggings

299 KM/H Motorcycle Leggings

Speed is the reason why we buy bikes Speed is the reason why we always move a few hundred CCs up when we feel like the bike we have is just not cutting it for us. Once you start, you do not stop until you have at least a 1000cc bike. If you have ever tried to see how far the speedometer could go, most likely, you hit 299 KM/H and that was it. Among racing cycles, that is the limit that you can hit, provided you do not have a speed limiter technology installed in the bike. These leggings are a statement about the speed that we all chase as bikers. It is what we live for. The graphic design of these leggings is great.

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5. Floral Motorcycle Leggings

Floral Motorcycle Leggings

These leggings have been designed like a summer dress. That is something that will include a lot of flowers. These ones have some flowers but they are interspersed with bikes of different colors all over the place. Before you look closely, you might not notice that it is not all flowers. It is one of those things that scream ‘female’ while also saying ‘badass’. You will have a lot of fun in these if you like to go out on bright days when it is sunny and the roads are more or less cleared up. Even in traffic, it attracts attention like none of the others that you will find on this list.

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Biker’s Safety

Biker leggings are not protection from a fall. You will want to make sure that you have worn safety motorcycle apparel to make sure that in case of anything, you get to go home. As we all know, the thing we tell each other as bikers is ‘DON’T FCKN DIE’. Enjoy these stylish leggings whenever possible. You don’t even have to be riding in them. They look cool anywhere.