6 Motorcycle Hoodies to Wear on Winter

Many bikers would be quick to agree that the epitome of cool, is being a biker. There is literally, very little you can do to become cooler, other than getting yourself a superbike and thundering down the highways at blistering speeds with nothing but adrenaline to fuel your focus as you head for the horizon. A biker hoodie is what you want on your back as you do this.

A motorcycle hoodie is no different from a regular hoodie except for a few crucial details. The material, the design and best of all, the graphics; these are the things that make us different from what regular people wear. Not to belittle regular people but there is just something about a State University hoodie that doesn’t quite capture what we bikers love.

We love speed and we have a passion for what we do. Think about it, we start with 200cc bikes and then we upgrade and with each upgrade, we always say; ‘I think I am done now, I will not go higher.’ The song never stops until you hit 1000cc and try breaking the sound barrier. That is why your motorcycle apparel needs to have biker hoodie that is the essence of you.

1. Legalize Wheelies Hoodie

A play on the phrase that marijuana enthusiasts use, the phrase ‘legalize wheelies’ is there to evoke a smile from people who will get the reference that is being made. Even if they do not get the connection, the hoodie has a cool graphic of this phrase right across the back. Wouldn’t it be cool if you just went past someone and they saw this phrase and then you pulled a wheelie? Well, we think it would be cool too. Wheelies are technically legal but they always look a bit extreme to people. If you love what you do as a biker, this is a great addition to the collection of motorcycle apparel that you have.

2. The Heartbeat Hoodie

There exist t-shirts that have this graphic but you cannot wear just a t-shirt when it is winter. It is always best to keep your core temperature high when you are riding in the cold. If you loved the t-shirt, then you will want a biker hoodie with the same design. Even in the cold, it is imperative to remain cool. We are bikers and looking normal is not part of the repertoire. The hoodie has a pulse drawn across it with a bike shape right in the middle of the pulse. This is the famed adrenaline that we always experience when we are enjoying the power a bike gives whoever is riding it. Plus, it completes the collection even better when you have something for every weather.

3. The Biker Wave Hoodie

The biker wave was popularized by Harley and Davidson, the founders of the Harley Davidson bike fame. They were the first ones to use it and it was then appropriated for various purposes over the years. It is now known as the biker wave. It is used to salute other bikers. As we all know, in the biker community, there is no such thing as a stranger. If someone is on a bike, they are part of the bigger picture. You can always salute them and start a conversation even if you have never met them before. It is even better when you are wearing this motorcycle hoodie that spots the biker’s wave on its back. You just whoosh by and it is done. It catches the eye.

4. Don’t FCKN Die Motorcycle Hoodie

Yeah, this is the truth of the matter. When you are a biker, the dangers of the road are real and death rides with you whenever you go out. That is why we wear protective motorcycle apparel that is meant to keep us safe. With a hoodie like this one, it is a good luck charm and also a message to other people on the road, especially bikers, to be careful and make sure that they do not fucking die. Isn’t it cool though? DON’T FCKN DIE is the message that runs down the back of the hoodie and it has some of the best designs that you will find on anything like this.

5. Biker Wave Motorcycle Hoodie

This is essentially like the one we covered above but with a cooler design that says ‘YOU WOULDN’T UNDERSTAND’. And who would know what this means except for bikers? People probably will think you are saying to them, ‘Peace On The Road.’ Well, that is objectively good and worthy of being put on a biker hoodie. The other different thing about this one is that the wave is on the front, unlike the other one that is meant for people who are behind you. It is meant to be a message for oncoming bikers. It is easy to spot for people who know what it means.

6. Hang Up Motorcycle Hoodie

Well, people on the road are morons when you are on a bike. You will see them everywhere mindlessly turning without indicating or even just cutting you off just because they are on four wheels. That is one of the most infuriating things you will experience. Well, just tell them to hang up and stop being such fckn morons with this hoodie. It has a person on a bike on the back. This person is turned a little with one hand on the handlebars and one raised up with the middle finger very clearly aimed at the person behind you..

Getting the hoodies that will be relevant to you as a biker is not that easy. You will have to look everywhere before you can find motorcycle apparel that works perfectly for you. Well, this is the one stop shop where all your biker hoodie needs will be taken care of. It is always imperative that you stay safe. A hoodie will not protect you from a fall. That is why you will always have to wear safety gear as you very well know.