Ever wondered why this odd combination of 1N23456 is followed by most of the major bike companies all around the world for their gearbox configuration? Is there something technical behind this odd configuration or is that someone had followed the combination in the past, so we are just following the same pattern since then? Why is that neutral gear placed between the first and the second gear? Why not simply just N123456?

Don’t these questions create confusion in your mind and create a curiosity to know the reason behind it? Well, let us just dig a little deeper and unveil the secret behind it.

Why the 1N23456 Configuration?

According to TunedTrends There are a number of intuitions that have been believed to be behind this odd configuration that proves its existence, however, speaking technically, as per you research there could be two possible reasons behind placing the neutral between the first and the second gear. Let us discuss both the possibilities and land to a conclusion behind this mystery.

First Explanation:

While kick-starting the bike, a rider’s body is at rest, therefore, shifting the gear from neutral to the first gear would be more convenient if the rider had to push the gear forward. However, while moving forward, the rider’s body is pushed back due to the movement and pushing the gear forward would be counteracting the body movement; however, pulling the gear backward towards him would be the most convenient.

The above-mentioned phenomenon satisfies the odd configuration of 1N23456; however, there is no solid technical proof behind the whole phenomenon. Let us discuss the second phenomenon to know the most solid technical reason.

Second Explanation:

  • The sole purpose of the first gear in any vehicle is to bring the vehicle to a moving position from rest, whereas all the other gears are used to speed up the bike; therefore, the manufacturer wants you to use the first gear only when you are bringing the bike to a movement from rest.
  • Moreover, if you are moving at a high speed and suddenly need to step down the speed and find out that your breaks are not working, as per your reflexes, you would move the gears down in a rush and land to the lowest gear that could engage the engine and lower the speed of the bike. Had it been neutral at the lowest place, you would lose the control of the bike and the engine as well, therefore, it explains this odd placement of the gears in such a manner.
  • Now imagine a case when you are moving uphill, from resting position, you need to restrict the movement of the bike in first gear, in 1N23456 configuration, it would be really easy to step up to the first gear and move swiftly; however, imagine the N123456 configuration, there would be chances that you pull your gear directly to the 2nd or the 3rd gear, which might be really dangerous and you might lose the control of the vehicle due to insufficient pull. Moreover, pulling your bike to the first gear while moving upwards is more convenient rather than braking, that also satisfies the odd configuration of 1N23456.

The above-mentioned explanations clearly prove the technicality behind the odd configuration of the gearbox as 1N23456 and not N123456; therefore, it is just not a thoughtless odd positioning but a well researched technical input.

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